Take a journey from South Sudan to South Africa, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya,Zambia and Zimbabwe in this collection of re-imagined folktales from Africa. Throughriddles and songs; myths and legends, both children and adults are invited to delve intoparallel worlds where they are taught valuable lessons on friendship, hard work,bravery and much more.


The Stories

“The Re-Imagined Folktales share wisdom in a simple, memorable manner, which can be passed from generation to generation. They are more entertaining than a sermon, more rewarding than a fable. They often draw on specific elements of culture, which the tales help to celebrate and perpetuate in the face of constant change.”

Roger Jenkins, Storyteller and Contest Judge.


The Audio Books


“I have been experimenting with music for over two decades, creating my own brand of Afro Jazz and Afro Electric music. Putting music to African folktales was a chance for me to take my exploration to the next level.”

Franck Biyong Franck Biyong, Music and Sound Designer.


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The Authors


The authors of the stories in this collection hail from different corners of Africa, from South Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, Cameroon, The Gambia and Zimbabwe. Through their tales, they also take us on journeys to Mali, Niger, the Sahara Desert, the Caribbean and the Americas. They celebrate our continent, pay homage to our traditional art forms, our history and our stories.


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The Contest & Judges


Story Story, Story Come! is a contribution to larger efforts to revive storytelling in Africa and beyond. Through a global online contest, Positively African invited African writers, wherever they lived and whatever their age, to write a folktale – either based on an old one, or newly imagined. The challenge was to develop new narratives that speak to issues that are fundamental to Africa’s development in a way that is unconventional but true to our past traditions of folktale and oral storytelling.


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